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Korea Expo 2017

Korea Expo 2017, is a globally showcased exhibition organised by Korea Trade & Investment Agency (Kotra) in association with Ministry of Trade Industry & Energy (MOTIE-Korea) and India SME forum.

With its repeated success across New York, London, Beijing, Tokyo, Kotra & MOTIE decided to bring it to New Delhi, India.
Itís being held from 20th to 22nd September 2017, in Pragati Maidan, Hall # 7, New Delhi and showcasing path breaking ideas and innovation in various industries, the Expo will witness participation from about 100 exporting companies from South Korea.

We invite you to come and experience for yourself the innovation of various industries from Korea under one roof.
You can enjoy Korean food from the Live Kitchen and sing & dance on the live K-Pop performances.
For those seeking Business, one to one business meetings are being arranged.

For business tie-ups or to REGISTER for a B2B meeting email us at members {@} or visit
or CALL : +91-124-4628500

Why participate in Korea Expo 2017?

For Business:
  • Global Sellers from handpicked Korean industry
  • Sign Order / Contract / MOU with Suppliers at venue
  • Hosted Buyers, from all over India , Middle East & Neighboring Countries
  • Learn about the emerging science and art of Korean products showcased for Indian market
  • Network and Fraternize with industry peers
  • One to one pre-scheduled business meetings
  • Complete List of Exhibitors
    S.No Company Name Website Product 
    1 Algae M Tech Co.,Ltd. - Multi mineral fertilizer
    2 A-Sung Precision Industry Fogging Machine and chemical stirrer
    3 Doosan Ecobiznet Co., Ltd Pesticides & insecticides
    4 Saturn Bio Tech Corp. Silicate fertilizers for organic farming
    1 Hannaro Autoparts Corp. -  Auto Spare Parts
    2 Miju Precison Co Injection Moulds
    3 Ik Semicon Co., Ltd. IC for automotive,smoke detector, earth leakage detector, LED lighting & home appliances
    4 Shinsung Control Co. Ltd Cold Rolling Steel Products
    5 Iggee Enterprise Co.,Ltd. Car Interior Accessories
    6 Shinhang Inc  Sealing & Painting Systems
    7 Ub Auto Co., Ltd Car Interior & Exterior Accessories
    Beauty & Fashion
    1 Ahrong Eltech Co.,Ltd Skin care devices
    2 C2j Global Co.,Ltd. - White Cushion Illuminator
    3 Costro Co.,Ltd. - Skin Care Products
    4 Dains Nail Care
    5 Huway Inc. Skin & Hair Care Products
    6 Ilsum - Nail Paints
    7 Jdaul Co., Ltd. Sneakers
    8 Luteworks - Artificial Jewellery
    9 Ondam - Luxury Pen & Jewellery
    10 Red 99 Co.,Ltd - Skin cosmetic
    11 Sierra-M Cosmetic Packaging (Brush &Cases)
    12 Swanson And Lee Co., Ltd. Skin care  & make up
    13 Taesung Ind.Co.Ltd. Cosmetic Packaging Container
    14 Vovoo Korea Hair Care Products
    15 Wellbeing Cross  - Skin cosmetic
    16 Wonjin Polymer  Nail Glue, Industrial adhesive & packaging
    1 Daejin Co., Ltd. Vinyl Floor Tiles
    2 Magicfix.Co.Ltd Interior Sheets & decoration stickers
    3 Sambotex Window Blinds
    4 Winstar Fabric - Window blinds & fabric
    5 Woon & People Co.,Ltd. PVC Wallpaper
    6 Tmt Engineering Co.,Ltd. Wireless & Cable type axle load scale, container scale,   crane scale, weighing indicator
    7 Apec Acrylic emulsion adhesives PSAs (Pressure Sensitive Adhesives), waterborne PUD (Polyurethane Dispersion) and AUD (Acrylic Urethane Dispersion)
    8 Is Dongseo Co.,Ltd. Electronic bidet system
    9 Jungangsteel Co., Inc. stone chip coated steel roof tile
    10 Logos Co.,Ltd. - Dowel bar for road construction,MMA resin paint for road,water proof flooring, film coating resin
    11 Garden For You Co.,Ltd. Outdoor,indoor,rooftop landscaping
    12 Korea Hoist Co.,Ltd Air Balancer, Air Hoist
    13 Sungsan Corporation Excavator, fork lift, crane ,doze, dump truck
    14 Worldbmc.Co,Ltd - solid surface
    15 Ngp Co.,Ltd outdoor and indoor led
    Consumer Goods
    1 Boryung Medience Co., Ltd. - Baby Skin Care Products
    2 Hurom. Co., Ltd Slow Juicer
    3 Eregreen Co,.Ltd  Insect Trap
    4 Forbaby,Co.,Ltd. Baby Care Products
    5 Leesome - Functional Eye Wear (with magnifying glass)
    6 Star Vision Co.,Ltd - Color Contact Lenses
    7 Biohealth World Hydrogen Water Generator, Water Maker and Dispensor
    8 Consensus Co.,Ltd. Fabric Softner, Laundry Detergent (Liquid & Sop)
    9 Barskorea  Ice Making machine
    10 Jinsung Hitech Co., Ltd.  Roti Maker, Air Fryer, Griller
    11 Jinu Trading Co.,Ltd. - Rice Pop Machine
    12 Glo-Lee Vinci Corp. Mite Cleaner, Vaccum Packing Machine
    13 Power Bridge Co.,Ltd.  Portable Invertor
    14 Param Co., Ltd. Portable Air Conditioner
    15 Peerna Led Lamp with plants
    16 Korea Carnival Co Latex Animal Toys and Balloons
    17 Malpyo Industrial Co., Ltd. Car Care products, Leather Care Products
    18 Wellos Korea Co., Ltd Laundry Ball, Cutting Board
    19 Young Poong Co.,Ltd  Rice Cake
    Health & Hygiene
    1 Dae Shin M/C Corporation Air Vacuum Mat, Automatic Shoes Sole Cleaner
    2 Dream Air Co.,Ltd Nasal Filter, Nose Mask, Dust Nose Mask
    3 Dreampaper wet wipes
    4 Izon Eye Exercise device
    5 Rohaseun Co.,Ltd. Charcoal bedding set
    6 Shinyang Tech Co., Ltd. Bio Silky pillow
    7 Sunworld Korea  Messager machines
    1 Adtech Co.,Ltd Surface Protective Tape
    2 Sseng Co., Ltd Industrial Water Filter
    3 Taesung Electronics.,Ltd Spot Welding Machine
    4 Sam San Inc. Pvc Spray Hose
    5 Vina Technology Co., Ltd. Supercapacitor: Energy storage device
    6 Inno Hitec Co.,Ltd. - Rubber Splicing Machine
    7 Irea Chemical Enterprise Hydrogenene Water Purifier, Non-Toxic Anticorrosive Paint
    8 Wookil Sptech Screen Printing Machine
    9 Kews Corporation  Alkaline Water Cleaner
    10 Ace Valve Co., Ltd  Industrial Valves
    11 Ad Power Co,.Ltd. Power Meter
    12 Daekyung Co.Ltd Industrial Valves
    13 Metech International Co. High Pressure Compressor
    14 Plama Worldwide Tech Co., Ltd  Machines for bottles, extruders for industrial material
    15 YJS Tech Co., Ltd Industrial Cleaning Equipment
    1 Altochem Co., Ltd. Orthopedic casting tape
    2 Bl Tech Orthopedic supplies
    3 Jbp Korea Co.,Ltd. Pharmaceutical products, supplements and cosmetics based on human placental extracts. Nanoneedle & nanocannula
    4 Kang & Park Medical. Co. Ltd. Spinal implant
    5 Kumgang Advance Co.Ltd Carbonlight therapy device
    6 Ls Life Science - Pain therapy device and cream
    7 Neomed Co.,Ltd. Orthopedic supplies
    Mobile & Telecom
    1 Jung An Health Tech - Wireless charger
    2 Kuk Jae Optical Engineering Co.,Ltd. - Optical Teminal Box
    1 Irtkorea Co.,Ltd. Digital Flame detector, UV flame detector: Multi-Sensitivity, Explosion-proof, wi-fi enabled
    2 Jsk Glass Breaker Fixed Glass Breaker - for vehicles equipped with tempered glass
    3 Varram System Co.,Ltd. Home Camera Robot-monitor your house whenever and wherever you want through this robot

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