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About India's Top 10,000 Fast Moving Small and Medium Enterprises

The real story of India’s success lies in economic growth, revival, resilience, and technological breakthroughs of & by its Small-Medium Enterprise Sector.

On 1st May 2013, India SME Forum, resolved to identify, evaluate and select SMEs from all over India to create a pool of 10,000 Fast Moving fundamentally strong and Sustainable SMEs that score highly on sustainable growth parameters.

We have been able to identify 6000+ companies which have the potential to be India’s next generation multinationals and invite you to Join this elite group.

Program Benefits

Benefits of applying to 10,000 SME Program :

All applicants get :

  • Sustainable Growth Parameters Score & Analysis of your business from SDRC India
  • Mentor report on Weaknesses, Opportunities and Prospects
  • Access to Equity and Venture Capital Funding Platforms, & Mentoring
  • Access to Mentor Group & Business Class - Target 1000 Crores
  • Life Membership of India SME Forum worth Rs. 15,000

Scorers above 50% get :

  • Your Success Story in the flagship BusinessWise Magazine
  • SGP Score Card, 10,000 Fast Moving SME Certificate and Trade Listing in the Portal
  • Preference for International Trade Delegates, and Promotion Facilitation

You first need to register for the program and pay the fees.After registration you will be sent a username and a password and a Temporary Membership Number

You can then fill the information being asked :

  • 1. Information about the Business
  • 2. Financials of the Business
  • 3. Information about Markets and Customers
  • 4. Document Upload
  • 5. Qualitative Survey
  • 6.Documentary Proof / Visit Schedule

After you have completely filled the information and submitted the form, you will then be emailed the progress monitor with

  • 1. Questions from the Auditor
  • 2. Additional Information Required

Once the progress Monitor shows 100% information is submitted, you will be able to download a Score Card in 48 Hours, along with the Certificate (if applicable).

Within 7 days of the availibility of the Score card, a full Analysis and Report will be made available to you in Pdf Form and also emailed to you.


Registration for the Program costs Rs. 25,000.

By registering you agree to our Terms and Conditions


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