Business Class 2018

It has been the ardent endeavor of the India SME Forum, to support and complement efforts of the government for creating a superlative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in India and we are highly encouraged by the support & inclination of our 75000+ member entrepreneurs, in together forming, India's Largest Movement for Small and Medium Business.  As part of our mission, the India SME Forum, shares best practices, information and knowledge as well as seeks and recognises MSMEs who have exhibited great success in leading their enterprises, creating much needed employment, enabling a sustainable ecosystem and catapulting their enterprise to the next stage, while navigating the inherent risks imminent with business.

With an objective to motivate and assist progressive & successful India SME 100 Award Winners, a day long programme was organised on the 9th of August 2018 titled “ THE BUSINESS CLASS 2018 - Industry 4.0-Building Smart & Sustainable Enterprises”, was held at the EROS Hotel, Nehru Place, New Delhi, 10:30 AM onwards.
The program comprises of Sessions of 60 minutes each, with top mentors & Business Gurus.

The program aims to bring the best of investors, business experts, successful entrepreneurs and top bureaucrats, face to face with a full house of INDIA SME 100 AWARD Winners who are India's Most Successful Entrepreneurs, who have created a successful business enterprise with dedication and sheer hard work & more often than not, starting with very little capital investment and creating businesses with turnovers in multiples of hundreds of Crores. The program not only discusses steps to build successful brands & enterprises, but also best practices for managing and scaling up these already successful & progressive businesses into stable & sustainable businesses.

Join, network and share best practices & knowledge with over 0.6 million Entrepreneurs who have registered as Members, Contributors & Volunteers from all over India and contribute to creating the best Entrepreneurial ecosystem, India has ever seen.