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Centre for Excellence in Manufacturing for MSME
The globalized and competitive market has required constant efforts of organizations, encouraging them to develop more sophisticated strategies to achieve continuous improvement and thus survive the incessant need for change demanded by customers and by the presence of competitors. The manufacturer constantly needs to compete with others by improving their productivity. In order to improve the productivity, India SME Forum (ISF) with the support of the Ministry of MSME in collaboration with NITIE, Mumbai has setup a Centre of Excellence for Industrial Design and Manufacturing at NITIE Powai campus.

Waste can be defined as any activity that consumes resources but adds no value to the customer. The seven wastes of the production system of lean manufacturing which must be tackled are: overproduction, waiting, transport, processing, inventory, motion and defect. The wastes are everywhere, and one of the ways to combat them, can be by lean thinking. The Lean Thinking means doing more with less (manpower, equipment, time and space) and trying to meet customer requirements. Design clinic can be defined as a mechanism where design solutions are made available to the design problems of products/services, and for concepts and ideas that are brought in for design analysis and scrutiny.

The main objective of the CEM-MSME is to bring the MSME sector on a platform and to provide expert advice and solutions on real time design problems, resulting in continuous improvement and value addition for existing products. Few other objectives are:

  1. Reducing waste
  2. Increasing productivity
  3. Introducing innovative practices for improving overall competitiveness
  4. Inculcating good management systems
  5. Imbibing a culture of continuous improvement

The center supports and executes design projects, conducts research and create case studies on lean, kaizen, six sigma and other techniques and also help MSMEs to adopt these techniques in groups and clusters for actual benefits supported and subsidized for by the Ministry of MSMEs.


CEM-MSME has a unique partnership with NITIE, which will support MSMEs by setting up a center in Powai campus.

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