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Centre for Intellectual Property Research, Promotion & Facilitation - Mumbai & Delhi
Intellectual property (IP) is a method for legally protecting this knowledge or intellectual activity. The system of Intellectual Property (IP) rights creates a mechanism to resolve the "Appropriability" problem, by creating property rights over knowledge. At the SMEs level, IP has been a significant source of competitive advantage of business enterprises and a major driver of their competitive strategies. SMEs are often the driving force behind a large number of innovations and contribute to the growth of the national economy through employment `creation, productive investments and value-added exports. However, various ad hoc surveys and studies indicate that, despite the importance of SMEs for the vitality of the economy and the potential offered by the IP system for enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs, most of them do not use or do not get the best out of their use of the IP system. Their innovative and creative capacity is not always fully exploited as many are not aware of the intellectual property system nor the protection it can provide for their inventions, brands, and designs. To help SMEs more fully utilize their IP assets in their business activities, India SME Forum has set up a Centre for Intellectual Property Research, Promotion & Facilitation with the support of the Ministry of MSME at Mumbai and Delhi.

Objectives :

  1. To enable MSMEs from the corresponding states in understanding, Identifying & using Intellectual Property for Competitive Advantage.
  2. To Provide Services such as IP Protection, IP Awareness & Training, Counselling & advisory Services.
  3. To hand hold MSME for identifying Intellectual Property in their day to day business & leverage it for Business Excellences.
  4. To provide MSME, the strategic Management of Technology and IPR
  5. To create a delivery mechanism for comprehensive awareness & training in IPR to all stake holders of IP in the corresponding states.

IPR Protection Facilitation : The IP Cell will work closely with SMEs in the state to identify Potential Innovations/ Inventions which could be channelized into IPRs. The Short-listed Product/ Process would then be assessed for suitable IP Protection. This would be undertaken by a Techno legal team constituted by the IP Cell. All forms of IPR Protection facilitation will be undertaken e.g.: Filing of Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Design, and Geographical Indications & Integrated Circuits. IP Capacity Building: Awareness & Training: The IP Cell would strive to promote “IP Culture” in the state. It would channelize the best practices in the World through Organized Training & Awareness Program. This would be undertaken periodically so that the SMEs are abreast with Global Best Practices. IPR, IPR Awareness and MSMEs in India.

IP Information Services : IP Information is a key to latest Technological Information worldwide. The IP Cell would have a dedicated Patent/ Design/Trademark Search facility where all the latest databases can be accessed. SMEs can visit the IP Cell and undergo IP Counselling Sessions which enable them to understand the Implications of IPR Regime for day to day business. The Cell will also impart advisory services to the Govt. on Policy issues on ongoing basis.

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