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Sr. No. State Name of the Scheme Target group Sector of the Scheme Action
1 Andhra Pradesh Micro & Small Enterprises Multiple Sectors View details
2 Andhra Pradesh Medium Enterprises Multiple Sectors View details
3 Andhra Pradesh Women Entrepreneurs belonging to Scheduled Caste /Scheduled Tribe /Backward Classes /Minority Communities Multiple Sectors View details
4 Andhra Pradesh ReSTART Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Multiple Sectors View details
5 Andhra Pradesh Y.S.R Jaganna. Badugu Vikasam Special Industrial Policy for SC and ST entrepreneurs 2020 - 23 Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Multiple Sectors View details
6 Andhra Pradesh Electric Vehicle Policy 2018 -23 Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Multiple Sectors View details
7 Andhra Pradesh Electronics Policy 2021 -24 Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Multiple Sectors View details
8 Andhra Pradesh Tourism Policy 2021 - 25 Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Multiple Sectors View details
9 Andhra Pradesh IT Policy 2021 - 24 Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Multiple Sectors View details
10 Arunachal Pradesh Deen Dayal Swavalamban Yojana Individual, Enterprises- SHGs, Cooperatives etc Multiple Sectors View details
11 Arunachal Pradesh Scheme for Technology Up-gradation / Establishment / Modernisation of Food Processing Industries Micro enterprises and Individuals Food processing Industries View details
12 Arunachal Pradesh Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Bunkar Yojana Women weavers Weaving View details
13 Arunachal Pradesh Arunachal Pradesh Entrepreneurship Challenge Prospective entrepreneurs and unemployed local youths Multiple sectors View details
14 Arunachal Pradesh Technology Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture Individual, Enterprises-SHGs & Cooperatives Horticulture View details
15 Assam Swami Vivekananda Assam Youth Empowerment (SVAYEM) Yojana Youth View details
16 Assam "SAROTHI" The Start-up Assam Individual, Startups, Enterprises- SHGs, Cooperatives, Companies Startups View details
17 Assam "SAROTHI" The Start-up Assam Individual, Startups, Enterprises- SHGs, Cooperatives, Companies Startups View details
18 Assam "BONEEJ" The Rural Industries Promotion Scheme View details
19 Assam Equipment Finance Scheme [EFS] Individual, Enterprises- SHGs, Cooperatives, Companies, etc View details
20 Assam Transport Loan Scheme View details
21 Assam Capital Subsidy IT & ITeS units IT & ITeS units View details
22 Assam Registration, Stamp Duty Concession Scheme for all IT/ESDMs View details
23 Assam Lease Rental Subsidy View details
24 Assam Power Tariff Rebate View details
25 Assam Incentive for Patent Assistance in ICT field View details
26 Assam Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) for PMEGP Beneficiaries PMEGP Beneficiaries View details
27 Assam State Goods and Services Tax (SGST) Reimbursement View details
28 Bihar Mulberry scheme Individuals, SHGs & Cooperatives Agriculture View details
29 Bihar Mushrooms Production unit View details
30 Bihar Integrated Post Harvest Management View details
31 Bihar Tasar View details
32 Bihar Eri View details
33 Bihar Swarnajayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojna Within this target group, special safeguards have been provided by reserving 50% of benefits for SCs/STs, 40% for women and 3% for physically handicapped persons. Subject to the availability of the funds, it is proposed to cover 30% of the rural poor in each block in the next 5 years. View details
34 Bihar Mukhyamantri Mahila Udyami Yojana View details
35 Bihar Scale-up Funding Support View details
36 Bihar Seed Funding Support View details
37 Bihar Mukhyamantri Yuva Udyami Yojana Youth Multiple Sectors View details
38 Bihar Chief Minister Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Entrepreneurs SCs and STs Multiple Sectors View details
39 Bihar Incentives to SC/ST & women/ Differently-abled View details
40 Bihar BICICO Equipment Finance Scheme View details
41 Bihar BICICO Normal Term Loan View details
42 Bihar Bihar Udyamai Yojana View details
43 Bihar Subsidy on allotment of Land/Shed. SMEs operating in Bihar Multiple sectors View details
44 Bihar Zero Cost for filing patents - Domestic and Foreign View details
45 Chandigarh Bank Tie Up Scheme/Direct Loan View details
46 Chandigarh SEZ Policy View details
47 Chandigarh 1. Micro-Credit Finance (MCF)
2. Mahilla Samridhi Yojna (MSY)
View details
48 Dadra Haveli Assistance of Capital Investment Subsidy View details
49 Dadra Haveli Assistance for Interest Subsidy View details
50 Dadra Haveli Assistance for Quality Certification View details
51 Dadra Haveli Assistance for Patent Registration View details
52 Dadra Haveli Assistance for saving in consumption of Energy and Water View details
53 Dadra Haveli Assistance for Skill Development View details
54 Dadra Haveli Interest Subsidy in Technical Textiles View details
55 Dadra Haveli Assistance for Technology Acquisition and Upgradation for Textile Sector View details
56 Goa Capital Subsidy Scheme View details
57 Goa Employment Subsidy Scheme, 2017 View details
58 Goa Incentives to encourage Purchases from Local Suppliers Scheme, 2017 View details
59 Goa Performance Linked Grant Scheme for Smaller Business Units View details
60 Goa Interest Subsidy Scheme, 2017 View details
61 Goa Incentives to Green Investment Scheme, 2017 View details
62 Goa Land/Built up Area Rebate Scheme, 2018 View details
63 Goa Lease Rental Subsidy Scheme View details
64 Goa Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme View details
65 Goa Power Subsidy Scheme View details
66 Goa Solar Power Subsidy Scheme View details
67 Goa Internet Subsidy Scheme View details
68 Goa Financial Incentives for Certification and Intellectual Property Rights Reimbursement Scheme View details
69 Goa Patent Filing Reimbursement Scheme View details
70 Goa Quality Certification Reimbursement Scheme View details
71 Goa Grant-in-Aid Scheme to provide Financial assistance to the Mahila Mandals Mahila Mandals/Women's Self Help Group duly registered View details
72 Goa Interest Subsidy Scheme, 2017. View details
73 Goa Self Employment Scheme View details
74 Goa Capital Contribution Scheme, 2008. View details
75 Goa Preferential Purchase Incentives for Micro and Small Enterprises Scheme, 2008. View details
76 Haryana Programme to Accelerate Development for MSME Advancement (PADMA) View details
77 Haryana One Block, One Product (OBOP) View details
78 Haryana Creation of employment generation opportunities by setting up employment oriented institutes/training programmes. View details
79 Haryana Fiscal Incentives - IT View details
80 Haryana No Change in Land Use (CLU)/Auto CLU - IT View details
81 Haryana Fiscal Incentives - ESDM View details
82 Haryana Fiscal Incentives - MSMEs View details
83 Haryana Incentives to Startups/Entrepreneurs View details
84 Jammu and Kashmir Technology Transfer View details
85 Jammu and Kashmir Technology Mission for Post-Harvest Management, Marketing and Exports View details
86 Jammu and Kashmir Scheme for minority women for establishing income generation units View details
87 Jammu and Kashmir Scheme for Women of Backward Classes View details
88 Jammu and Kashmir Financing Schemes for Economic Upliftment of Weaker Sections View details
89 Jammu and Kashmir Financing Schemes for Economic Upliftment of Weaker Sections View details
90 Jammu and Kashmir Swranjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY) View details
91 Jammu and Kashmir Transport Subsidy Scheme View details
92 Jammu and Kashmir Umeed Scheme View details
93 Jammu and Kashmir Start-up Village Entrepreneurship Programme (SVEP) View details
94 Karnataka Extension of Interest Subsidy loan scheme at 4% to SC/ST entrepreneurs from Nationalised Banks View details
95 Karnataka Karasamadhana scheme View details
96 Karnataka Karnataka State Collateral Security Guarantee Fund Scheme for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises View details
97 Karnataka MSME Sarthak Scheme View details
98 Karnataka Idea2poc (Proof of Concept) Grant View details
99 Karnataka Semiconductor Venture Fund View details
100 Karnataka Bio Venture Fund View details
101 Karnataka AVGC Venture Fund View details
102 Karnataka Chief Ministers Self Employment Generation Programme (CMEGP) View details
103 Karnataka Karnataka MSME Sarthak Scheme View details
104 Karnataka Chaitanya Subsidy cum Soft Loan Scheme View details
105 Karnataka Chaitanya Self-employment direct loan View details
106 Karnataka Micro Credit Scheme View details
107 Karnataka Loans and Subsidies for Traditional Artisans and Professional Craftsmen View details
108 Karnataka Self-Employment Loan Scheme for unemployed graduates View details
109 Karnataka Financial Assistance for Development of Five Occupations for Vishwakarma Community View details
110 Karnataka Self-Employment Direct Plan for Vishwakarma Community View details
111 Karnataka Self employment loans in association with banks for Vishwakarma Community View details
112 Karnataka Micro Credit Loan Scheme for Women for Vishwakarma Community View details
113 Karnataka Training and loan scheme for Carpenters and Blacksmiths View details
114 Karnataka Pashu Bhagya View details
115 Karnataka Interest subsidy on loans availed by dairy farmers and shepherds above 6% of interest amount View details
116 Karnataka Karnataka Agri Business & Food Processing Policy View details
117 Kerala Entrepreneur Support Scheme (ESS) View details
118 Kerala Self-Employment Scheme - KESRU View details
119 Kerala Self-Employment Scheme - MPSC/JC View details
120 Kerala Kerala stressed MSMEs Revival & Rehabilitation Scheme View details
121 Kerala Technology Upgradation and Transfer of New Technologies to Handloom Weavers/Workers View details
122 Kerala Assistance to Industrial Co-operative Societies View details
123 Kerala Guidelines of State Sponsored Cluster Development Programme (SS-CDP) View details
124 Kerala Scheme for Social Security for MSMEs View details
125 Kerala Start Up Subsidy View details
126 Kerala Development of Handloom through Primary Handloom Weavers Co-operative Societies View details
127 Madhya Pradesh Aid to establish a cold chain for Agriculture/Horticulture/ Dairy processing View details
128 Madhya Pradesh MP Mukhyamantri Udyam Kranti View details
129 Madhya Pradesh Power Consumption Aid View details
130 Madhya Pradesh Single Window Clearance System Any new IT/ITeS/ESDM, R&D areas and other allied activities that has been issued IT certificate will be eligible View details
131 Madhya Pradesh Land related Benefits Any new IT/ITeS/ESDM, R&D areas and other allied activities that has been issued IT certificate will be eligible View details
132 Madhya Pradesh Capital Subsidy Any new IT/ITeS/ESDM, R&D areas and other allied activities that has been issued IT certificate will be eligible View details
133 Madhya Pradesh Interest Subsidy View details
134 Madhya Pradesh IT Investment Promotion Assistance View details
135 Madhya Pradesh Reimbursement on Skill Gap Trainings View details
136 Madhya Pradesh Incentive on Quality Certifications View details
137 Madhya Pradesh Reimbursement of Stamp Duty and Registration Charges View details
138 Madhya Pradesh Entry Tax Exemption View details
139 Madhya Pradesh Patent Assistance View details
140 Madhya Pradesh Assistance in Marketing View details
141 Madhya Pradesh Incentive Related to Power View details
142 Madhya Pradesh Special Package for BPO/BPM units View details
143 Madhya Pradesh Mukhyamantri Yuva Swarozgar Yojana View details
144 Madhya Pradesh Mukhyamantri Yuva Udyami Yojana View details
145 Madhya Pradesh Set up food processing units of rural youth View details
146 Maharashtra Skill development, employment and entrepreneurship training center for tribal candidates View details
147 Maharashtra Seed Money Scheme (SMS) View details
148 Maharashtra Chief Minister's Employment Generation Programme View details
149 Maharashtra Mahila Samridhi Yojana View details
150 Maharashtra Direct Loan Scheme View details
151 Maharashtra District Industries Centre Loan Scheme View details
152 Maharashtra Long Term-Loan to SC Co-op Spinning Mills under Special Component Plan Promote the spinning mills of scheduled caste members View details
153 Maharashtra District industries centre loan scheme View details
154 Maharashtra Tribal Crafts Exhibition View details
155 Maharashtra State scheme for modernisation of plain power looms View details
156 Maharashtra Bharat Ratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar (Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes) Special collective incentive scheme for entrepreneurs View details
157 Maharashtra 50% Subsidy Scheme View details
158 Maharashtra Financial Assistance to disabled for self-employment View details
159 Maharashtra Subsidy Scheme for Export of Agriculture Commodities by Sea Route View details
160 Maharashtra Development of Fisheries Co-Operatives Societies View details
161 Manipur Department of Information and Technology View details
162 Manipur Incentives - Performance-based lease rental subsidy View details
163 Manipur Incentives - Electricity Duty Exemption View details
164 Manipur Incentives - Interest Subsidy for IT/ITeS MSMEs for a period of 5 years View details
165 Manipur Incentives - Skill Enhancement & Capacity Building View details
166 Manipur Subsidy on Bandwidth for Connecvity (for BPOs/KPOs) View details
167 Manipur Market Development Support View details
168 Meghalaya Meghalaya Industrial & Investment Promotion Scheme, 2016 View details
169 Mizoram Land Subsidy View details
170 Mizoram Factory Rent Subsidy View details
171 Mizoram Man Power Development Subsidy View details
172 Mizoram Interest Subsidy View details
173 Mizoram Power Subsidy View details
174 Mizoram Subsidy on Power Line View details
175 Mizoram Subsidy on Power Generating Set New MSME for a period of 5 years from date of commencement of production View details
176 Mizoram State Transport Subsidy on Plant & Machineries View details
177 Mizoram New Land Use Policy (NLUP) - Land Allotment View details
178 Mizoram MSP, MIS, MAI and Transport Subsidy View details
179 Mizoram Science & Technology International Travel Support Scheme View details
180 Mizoram Mizoram IT Policy View details
181 Nagaland Manpower Subsidy View details
182 Nagaland Subsidy for Quality Control measures View details
183 Nagaland Stamp Duty Exemption View details
184 Nagaland Special Focus on Women Entrepreneurship View details
185 Nagaland Digital Upgradation Subsidy View details
186 Nagaland Broadband Connectivity Reimbursement View details
187 Nagaland Reimbursement of Patent Filing Cost View details
188 Nagaland Marketing and Promotion Assistance View details
189 Nagaland GST Reimbursement View details
190 Odisha Youth Innovation Fund. View details
191 Odisha Funds for Fund View details
192 Odisha Technology up-gradation fund scheme for handloom sector View details
193 Odisha Financial Assistance to Start-ups View details
194 Odisha Nurturing Innovation View details
195 Odisha One Time Settlement Scheme (OTS) for Soft loan, Sales Tax loan & Electricity Duty loan for small scale industries. View details
196 Odisha Incentive for ICT Industry View details
197 Odisha Intergraded Handloom Training Project (IHTP) View details
198 Punjab Scheme for exemption of various taxes on food processing industries View details
199 Punjab Scheme for exemption of various taxes on Food Processing industries View details
200 Punjab Startup Capital Subsidy scheme View details
201 Punjab Additional State Support under CLCSS for Technology Upgradation for MSMEs View details
202 Punjab Additional State Support of reimbursement of guarantee fee View details
203 Punjab Scheme for Investment Subsidy by way of Reimbursement of VAT/SGST View details
204 Punjab Interest Subsidy for startups View details
205 Punjab Freight Assistance Scheme for Exports from MSMEs View details
206 Punjab Scheme for capital subsidy to IT/ITES units View details
207 Punjab Lease Rental Subsidy View details
208 Punjab Seed Funding View details
209 Punjab Scale up Funding View details
210 Punjab Access to finance - Investment subsidy View details
211 Punjab Interest subsidy on term loan View details
212 Punjab Additional State Support of interest subsidy View details
213 Punjab Financial assistance to SMEs View details
214 Punjab Interest Subsidy Scheme for MSMEs View details
215 Punjab Mentoring & Training incentives for start-ups incubators View details
216 Punjab Scheme for providing Fiscal Incentives to Incubators in Public & Private sector View details
217 Punjab Financial Assistance for Emerge Exchange platform set up by NSE to SMEs View details
218 Punjab Scheme for providing incentives to Start-ups View details
219 Rajasthan Bhairon Singh Shekhawat Antyodaya Swarozgar Yojana View details
220 Rajasthan Rajasthan Financial Corporation Loan Schemes-Tourism Related Activities View details
221 Rajasthan Scheme for Financial Assistance for Information Technology View details
222 Rajasthan Scheme for Financing Activities relating to Marketing of SSI Products View details
223 Rajasthan Benefits for Internet Connectivity View details
224 Rajasthan Benefits to Manufacturing Enterprises View details
225 Rajasthan Rajasthan Agro-Processing and Agri Marketing Promotion Scheme- Transport Subsidy on export of spices View details
226 Rajasthan Rajasthan Agro-Processing and Agri Marketing Promotion Scheme View details
227 Rajasthan Rajasthan Agro-Processing and Agri Marketing Promotion Scheme-Transport subsidy for fruits and vegetables within the country: View details
228 Rajasthan Rajasthan Agro-Processing and Agri Marketing Promotion Scheme View details
229 Rajasthan Rajasthan Agro-Processing and Agri Marketing Promotion Scheme-Transport subsidy for fruits and vegetables within the country: View details
230 Rajasthan Rajasthan Agro -Processing and Agri Marketing Promotion Scheme-Incentive for Project Development View details
231 Rajasthan Subsidy on ETP View details
232 Rajasthan Interest Subsidy View details
233 Rajasthan Employment Subsidy for New/Sick enterprises View details
234 Rajasthan Employment Subsidy for Expansion View details
235 Rajasthan Stamp Duty View details
236 Rajasthan Conversion Tax View details
237 Rajasthan Electricity Duty View details
238 Rajasthan Land Tax View details
239 Rajasthan Mandi Fee View details
240 Telangana T-IDEA (Telangana State Industrial Development and Entrepreneur Advancement) Incentive Scheme, 2014 View details
241 Telangana Common fiscal incentives for all companies View details
242 Telangana Incentives for Incubators View details
243 Telangana Telangana State Industrial Project Approval and Self-Certification System (TS-iPASS) View details
244 Telangana CM ST Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CMSTEI) Scheme View details
245 Telangana WE Hub - Women Entrepreneurs Hub View details
246 Telangana Suvidha Incubation View details
247 Telangana Bank linked schemes View details
248 Telangana T-Fund (Telangana Innovation Fund) View details
249 Telangana Telangana Fiber Grid orT-Fiber View details
250 Tripura Special Incentive to IT Enterprise continue to operate for 5 years View details
251 Tripura Loan to poor OBC people from OBC Cooperative Development Corporation Ltd: View details
252 Tripura Credit Enhancement Guarantee Scheme for the Scheduled Castes (SCs) View details
253 Tripura Scheme of 'Venture Capital Fund for Scheduled Castes' View details
254 Tripura SWAVALAMBAN View details
255 Tripura Procurement Preference View details
256 Tripura Capital Investment Subsidy View details
257 Tripura Partial Reimbursement of Floor Space Rental for STP Incubation Space View details
258 Tripura Industrial Promotion Subsidy View details
259 Tripura Bandwidth cost subsidy View details
260 Tripura Partial Reimbursement of Power Charges View details
261 Tripura Re-imbursement of Standard Certification charges View details
262 Tripura Tripura Industrial Investment Promotion Incentive Scheme- 2017 (TIIPIS) View details
263 Tripura Employment Cost Subsidy View details
264 Tripura Subsidy for participation in fares, exhibition, etc. View details
265 Tripura Partial Reimbursement of Interest on Working Loans View details
266 Tripura Exemption of Earnest Money and Security Deposits View details
267 Tripura Subsidy on fees paid for Credit Guarantee Trust Fund for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGTMSE) View details
268 Tripura Incentive for promoting local entrepreneurs in IT services View details
269 Tripura Special Incentive to IT Enterprise continue to operate for 5 years View details
270 Uttar Pradesh Individual MSME's (ODOP) View details
271 Uttar Pradesh One District One Product(ODOP) Training & Toolkit Distribution Scheme Individual MSME's (ODOP) View details
272 Uttar Pradesh One District One Product(ODOP) Market Development Assistance (MDA) Individual MSME's (ODOP) View details
273 Uttar Pradesh One District One Product(ODOP) CFC (Common Facility Center) SHGs, Cooperatives, Companies, etc MSME's (ODOP) View details
274 Uttar Pradesh Cluster Societies View details
275 Uttar Pradesh ASPIRE Individual

To set up business incubators so that eligible youth can be adequately incubated in various skills and be provided the opportunity to set up their own business enterprises;

To impart entrepreneurship, and skill development training to youth;

To provide mentoring and hand holding with facilitation for funding with a view to empower them to set up own business enterprises.

To promote new low-end-technology/livelihood based enterprises.

View details
276 Uttarakhand Veer Chandra Singh Garhwali Paryatan Swarojgar Yojna View details
277 Uttarakhand Uttarakhand Startup Policy 2018 View details
278 Uttarakhand Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) (Type-II) or 3rd Party Sale. View details
279 Uttarakhand Incentive for setting up the Aroma Industry in Aroma Park Policy. View details
280 Uttarakhand Incentives for setting up the micro, small & medium units as mentioned in MSME Policy, 2015 View details
281 Uttarakhand Uttarakhand Ayush Policy, 2018 View details
282 Uttarakhand Biotechnology Policy 2018 View details
283 Uttarakhand Incentives for setting up the Tourism Industry as mentioned in Uttarakhand Tourism Policy, 2018 View details
284 Uttarakhand Fiscal Incentives for IT & TeS View details

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