Business Readiness for Internationalisation
An Industry-Driven Programme

Business Readiness for Internationalisation: An Industry-Driven Programme is curated for hand-picked aspirational SMEs to provide a comprehensive blend of operational excellence and market entry strategy for Europe and other markets. It shares global expertise and best practices for venturing into international markets for SMEs to understand what overseas businesses expect from Indian SMEs. The programme sheds light on the latest strategies for successful international collaborations.

Global players when seeking partners in foreign markets, especially European markets, look for consistency and certifications on the quality, transparency, ethical conduct, technology aptness and adequate compliance with the local laws. This programme consolidates all this into a short and concise 3-month virtual programme for Indian SMEs.

All the above can be achieved by adopting systematic and quality motivated approach. The programme provides handholding support in building customer centric quality, management of technology as a process, market access strategies, facility management, risk management, awareness about relevant Intellectual property framework, financing options in internationalisation and sustainability of operations.


Automotive & Automotive Parts

Agriculture and Food Processing

Drugs & Pharmaceuticals

Electronics & Subassemblies

Aerospace & Defense


Global Opportunities

Best Practices

Create Identity in
Global Market

Case Study

Virtual Meetings with Industry Experts

International Scope & Sectoral Opportunities



  • Course Modules: Fourteen
  • Course Duration: 3 Months
  • Online Instruction: 21 hours
  • Commitment: 3 hours per week
  • Fees: Rs 99000 + GST